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5 shades of Ray Ban that have become iconic over the years – Jammu Kashmir Latest News | Tourism

When it comes to sunglasses brands, Ray Ban is definitely a name to be reckoned with. Known for their stunning frames that boast of superior quality and a comfortable fit, everyone wants to own at least one pair in their collection. Which makes Ray Ban sunglasses even more desirable for everyone is the fact that certain particular styles of the brand have become iconic over the years.

Whether adding a touch of class and style to a famous movie character or giving celebrity vibes to even a routine outfit, a few Ray Ban shades have a distinctive appeal and, therefore, enjoy worship. Whether you’re planning to buy your first Ray Ban sunglasses or want to expand your collection, you need to know what the brand’s most iconic frame styles are. Read below to find out!

The Dynamo

These all black Ray Ban wayfarer sunglasses will instantly remind many of you of those movie characters who were on a mission. From good guys to bad guys, spy agents to big ticket thieves, we’ve seen plenty of actors and characters take their style statement several notches higher with these chic Ray Ban shades.

These sunglasses have a bold and confident feel and are perfect for giving that dynamic touch to one’s personality. So pick up these classic Ray Ban shades and look like you’re on a secret mission too (how about closing a business deal or impressing your sweetheart)!

The perfectionist

Another style from Ray Ban’s unisex sunglasses collection that has created an enduring mark is these brown Wayfarer sunglasses. One look at these, and you will remember some famous Bollywood and Hollywood fashionistas and celebrities, who sported such style in their movies, while making appearances on the red carpet or even posing for the paparazzi at the airport.

Not a typical wayfarer style, these sunglasses stand out with the slight angular raise that gives it a dramatic look. What makes this pair one of the most famous in the Ray Ban sunglasses collection is that it carries the rare combination of sophistication and quirkiness. Buy these if you want to stand out in style!

The trendsetter

Whether worn by quintessential Bollywood lovers or those with that rare creative mania, these Ray Ban sunglasses have a unique vibe. Although different styles have come and gone, these shades are classic and timeless in what they represent: charm, charisma and style. If you like to be a trendsetter and want to carry your appeal, then buy such a style of Ray Ban shades!

The gold rim adds a whimsical touch to the set, and the tinted lenses add some sparkle. Aren’t these sunglasses suitable for the dreamy soul in you?

The party animal

As their name suggests, these Clubmaster Ray Ban sunglasses have established themselves as the perfect pair to sport the club night look. Everything from their look, design and appeal is made to resonate with the party animal in you. You can even wear it on an adventure outing or a music concert with your friends, as the green tinted lenses give off a relaxed vibe and will suit the occasion.

Although these sunglasses haven’t been around for very long, thanks to their stylish and distinctive look, they have not only become well known under the brand’s stable, but also a favorite of many.

The badass look

If you’re a fan of these badass archetypes, chances are you’ll also love how they perform in a unique style. And, if so, you might have noticed that these gold aviator sunglasses have become legendary because of them. Such a style of Ray Ban shades complements a type of personality that is considered bold and daring.

If you too want to bring out your fearless personality, then consider these Ray-Ban shades as a perfect option. And, if you wear them with an all black Pathan Kurta, you will also get the right desi look. But whatever outfit you pair it with, you’re sure to turn heads.

Look like a style icon

The best thing about wearing sunglasses is that they instantly up your style quotient. And, when the sunglasses in question are from Ray Ban, you can count on them with your eyes closed. The brand offers a distinctive pair of shades that every fashion-conscious person must have in their collection.

However, make sure you don’t end up buying fake Ray Ban sunglasses and regretting it later. To buy authentic sunglasses, you should consider buying from trusted eyewear brands like Titan Eyeplus that bring together some of the best-known names in the category to explore. They also offer excellent customer service and after-sales service to make your shopping experience as satisfying as possible.

Buy the best Ray-Ban sunglasses and be no less than a style icon!