Debt Consolidation – The perfect loan to help you!

Know that you can do it now! With just a few steps you’ll keep your bills up to date.
You can say goodbye to the late bills. Negotiating debts is the best way to get rid of all of them. And to help you finish this difficulty, ask for a personal loan, without bureaucracy and 100% online.

Do you want to negotiate debt without a headache?

Do you want to negotiate debt without a headache?

Suffering from your pocket is over! You can place your credit order directly from your cell phone and from anywhere in Brazil. Do not stop for after what you can do now!

  • Does debt consolidation seem difficult?

    Does debt consolidation seem difficult?

  • Calm does not have to be lost, in some moments of life you have to negotiate debts and with our tips you will find a solution that works for you. Come on, the first step is to understand the size of the problem, note down everything you pending and how much interest is charged on each debt. Now that you already know everything you need to pay it’s time to look at how much you have to receive as salary, sales of services, among others and how much per month you can set aside to go paying these debts.
    If this account does not close, or it takes a long time to clear all the debts, you may wind up with high interest rates such as credit cards or overdrafts.
  • Can you negotiate debts and get out of the red?

    Can you negotiate debts and get out of the red?

  • You can consider joining all your outstanding accounts and debts to get a loan that can pay all at once, getting only the portion of the loan to pay monthly and still noticeably reduce the interest rate.

    This way you get out of the red and get rid of high interest overdraft and credit card, switching to smaller interest like personal loan for example.

  • When to apply for a loan and negotiate debts?

    When to apply for a loan and negotiate debts?

  • To understand if this is the best option for your case, see some comparisons of interest: while you have 323% interest a year with the overdraft, on average in the personal loan you have 108.63%, almost 3 times cheaper .

    Hiring a loan to end the debts you can pay all at once, taking only one payment to be made monthly and breaking drastically reduce your financial worries.

  • What are the advantages of the loan?

     After putting all your debts on paper and trying to negotiate them, the focus is to get a new loan with a lower interest rate to help pay off all your debts with overdrafts or credit cards that have high interest rates.
    Usually the debts you need to take out first are debts with high interest rates. Paying late bills on your credit card and getting rid of the monthly interest rate of 19.9% ​​using a personal loan rate of 10.5% per month, you are at an advantage.

  • Is it possible to negotiate credit card or overdraft debts?

    There are specific programs available to help pay your debts, when you offer to repay the full amount of the debt in sight, it is common to receive a large discount on accrued interest and there it seems advantage to take the loan and settle everything at once.

    You may also want to be a part of other programs outside debt consolidation, such as a debt management program or a debt settlement program, which can be a useful alternative if your credit situation is so great that you can not get rid of debts even by borrowing money.

  • Which loan do I choose after negotiating my debts?

    Which loan do I choose after negotiating my debts?

  • Are you thinking of consolidating your debts, but you are in doubt which loan to choose? Rest assured that we will explain each loan so that you can choose the best option according to your profile.
    The personal loan is the most famous in Brazil and not for nothing, since to make this loan you do not need to put anything as collateral or buy the money.

    But for those who already have a car removed and need even better interest rates, Refinancing is the best requested, where rates range from 1.5% to 4.8% per month, noting that to be approved in this line of credit you need to use a well as collateral such as your car or truck.

    The main reason to negotiate debts is to get out of debt without a headache and get a loan with lower interest rates and a lower monthly payment, without having to discard some good. Making a loan application for debt consolidation is useful for people who have high interest debt and with high monthly installments. Stay within the main advantages of unifying your debts in one:

    Let’s assume that you owe money on five points: renting the house, car financing, overdue bills, credit card and overdraft, being required to pay 5 high bills some already out of the due date. With consolidation your 5 debts will go to only one, since you start paying only every month with a lower interest rate. It will be easier to control your spending without getting into even more debt.

    Reducing the interest rate with five different debts, interest rates vary, but will be between 4% and 22% a month. Once you consolidate, the debt starts to have a lower interest rate, from 1.5% per month, so you will reduce your spending every month.

    Smaller monthly payments and with larger number of installments, you can pay a little bit each month without compromising all your monthly money.

  • How to negotiate debts with creditors?

    There are companies that are focused on negotiating your debt, they work directly with your creditors to try to find a lower value for the payment of your debit balances to a value that you can pay.

    Important to remember that although negotiating debts is helpful, this will not make you solve all your financial problems. Evaluate your accounts and if your problems with debt, and the reason for the cause of excessive spending and consumerism, you should make some changes in your financial habits. If you do not change your financial habits consolidate the debts will only solve your problems at first, and when applying for the loan, if you do not have control, it can worsen your situation and further disrupt your financial health.

  • How to eliminate the root of the problem after negotiating debts?

    If you are in doubt whether to take out a loan or not, know that by taking out a loan you are spending less and saving more to actually eliminate the root cause of your problems. To make the change to your monthly bills you need to focus on getting rid of your financial problems directly.

  • How to organize yourself – tip 01

    Our tip is, whenever possible, to save 50% of your salary for essential expenses, such as rent, water, electricity and telephone bills, transport, education, health and food expenses. fall into this category. To define what is an essential expense or not easy, just think about what expenses are necessary for you to keep up every day.

  • How to organize yourself – tip 02

    Try to save at least 25% of your monthly salary, and after you have been able to do this for months use this money to invest so your money will be profitable and when it’s time to get back it will be even bigger.
    Make a category of financial priorities, it is crucial for you in emergency cases to be able to afford all the expenses without worrying or even scraping all the money from your bank account. If you do not go through any of these situations you help ensure your own a future with more peace and quality of life. Making the habit of saving money every month, without skipping any, you can set a good strategy for these features, perhaps buying the car you wanted so much you could even pay for the view and ensure a good discount, a makeover at home or even even the journey of your dreams.

  • How to organize yourself – tip 03

    Last important tip is “try to consume less”, spending an average of 15% of your salary for leisure and general shopping. Doing financial planning is synonymous with having money and knowing how to use it wisely, learn each month to use the deserved fruit of your work in the right way. Within your financial planning should include spending dinners at expensive restaurants down to the bread on the bakery plate, so you’ll gradually be able to look at where your money is going and how to manage it the best way possible.


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