Unsecured Loans in Surabaya and Surrounding Areas

The increasing need for funds makes people often have to turn their brains to get more money. One of them is through a Surabaya unsecured loan. As the name implies, in loans without construction, no goods will be left to the lending institution as collateral. As we know, generally in the case of conventional loans, collateral or collateral will be needed. Its form varies, from motorized vehicles, gold jewelry to various securities such as land certificates to BPKB. However, in loans without collateral, we do not need to submit any collateral. This certainly makes loans without collateral much preferred as the main choice in getting funds quickly.

Even though it is more practical and feels comfortable because there is no need to give any collateral, we must still pay attention to the procedures to the shortcomings of Surabaya unsecured loans. Loans without collateral will usually require a fairly simple document, such as:

  • photocopy of KTP
  • NPWP
  • salary slip
  • to a savings account book if we borrow through a bank.

Document requirements for each institution may vary. Borrowing unsecured money that is done online even often requires only photocopies of ID cards. Understand exactly what documents must be prepared so that the loan application and disbursement of funds can take place more quickly.


After preparing all the files needed

unsecured loan

The next step is to apply for a loan at the chosen institution. There are many unsecured loan institutions in Surabaya that we can choose as a place to borrow unsecured funds. The most common and popular is the bank. Apart from banks, there are cooperatives, pawnshops and online lending institutions. Each institution will have its own weaknesses and strengths. Choose only credible institutions so that we can make loans comfortably and safely. We can choose the institution that offers the lowest interest so that the refunds can later be lighter. It’s good if we ask for recommendations from friends or relatives regarding trusted institutions.


Before applying for a Surabaya unsecured loan

unsecured loan

It helps us to know in advance the shortcomings of this unsecured loan. In loans that are not accompanied by a guarantee, usually the interest charged will be higher. The nominal is greater than the loan with collateral. In addition, the tenor is shorter, where the average is only one month. Conventional loans have a tenor of several years. In addition, the amount of funds lent is also more limited. The average unsecured loan only provides a ceiling of up to tens of millions of rupiah. This is certainly different than conventional loans that allow us to get loan funds up to hundreds of millions of rupiah.


After understanding the procedures

unsecured loan

The advantages and disadvantages of unsecured loans in Surabaya, then we can apply for loans at selected institutions. If the loan is approved, the funds will be immediately disbursed within a few days. These loan funds are usually deducted by administrative fees which are also charged to the borrower. Refunds can be through installments accompanied by interest in a predetermined amount.

To simplify the lending process, we can take advantage of online loan lending institutions. There are already enough institutions like this that exist in the community. One of them is Edwin Drood.id where we can apply for a loan with only a photocopy of the ID card. Unsecured loans are a solution to get funds quickly and easily, especially in urgent situations.

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